Best Strength Training for Athletes

medicine ballsImproving speed and performance should be the goal of every athlete no matter what sport you are involved in. All sports require movement and the only thing in your body that creates movement are muscles. Muscles are attached to bones and are used to create movements. You either have strong and powerful muscles that help you to create quick and powerful movements or you just have weak ones that hinder you from achieving your optimal performance.

All athletes want to promote their strength, agility, speed, balance, and flexibility. There are top exercises that can help you develop your strength and conditioning as an athlete. Top exercises include;


Compound movements

You need to practice compound movements incorporating accommodating resistance. You must train your body to achieve explosive speeds. You can train the body using a series of bands and chains. These tools allow you to control your acceleration and deceleration by the use of moving loads. When used correctly, it can help to increase your strength.


Medicine Balls

The greatest advantage of medicine balls is that when used in a large open area, these balls allow athletes to release the ball with incredible power. These balls can be thrown in different directions, be it overhead, sideways or behind and allow an athlete to accelerate the ball with no deceleration time.



Plyometric employs the philosophy of jumping or jump training. It is an exercise that has brought new ways to increase the fast spasm muscle in the lower body. When done in the correct manner, with a low rep and right rest between sets, jump training can make one be very explosive.


Many athletes need to gain weight and strength during the time they are not on sports. The best way to go about it is to pick up heavy objects and walk, carry, pull or push them. These exercises shock the central nervous system into growing muscles in a quick manner. These exercises prove to be the best ones for wrestlers, rugby players, and football players.



For an athlete to fully prepare for a game time, they need to practice with the same period and intensity involved in an actual game time. Short and fact bouts of explosive sprinting with enough rest can prove to be very helpful for athletes. You also need to have a positive frame of mind. Also, understand that there is not a perfect training program. Every training program seems to be incomplete. You have to include as many programs and training as possible to achieve your optimum levels.

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