How to Understand People Better

UnderstandingResearch has shown that words account for only seven percent of how we communicate, whereas body language accounts for more than 55 percent, and voice tone representing the rest. Imagine a situation you might have been being served by a towing service attendant or hotel attendant. What body language or tonal variation might you have learnt from them? You should not try too hard to read people’s body languages. There are simple things you can observe to read everything one has in their store in terms of communication.

Here are few body language cues you can follow to understand people better.



You need to pay attention to appearance. This means you should pay attention to what others are wearing. Are they wearing a power suit, are they dressed for success do their dressing portray ambition? If they are dressed in jeans and t-shirts, it might indicate they are comfortable with being casual. Are they dressed to show a top tight cleavage in a seductive manner? All these different types of attire tell different things about one’s personality.


You should pay a keen attention to posture. While observing the posture, ask yourself if they are holding their head high in show of confidence or not. Are they walking in an indecisive manner as a way of showing their low self-esteem? Or are they swaggering with a puffed out chest as a way of showing their ego. All these and many other postures can be a guide to understanding people better.


Watch out physical movements

ExpressionsThere are a lot of things we can learn about people by observing their physical movements. Observe if someone is leaning and at a distance. In most cases, we lean towards those we like and away from those we do not like. Observe if there are crossed arms and legs. Crossed arms and legs is a posture that portrays defensiveness and anger. Observe if someone is hiding one’s hand. When people place their hands in their laps and pockets, it might be a suggestion they are hiding something. Also observe if there are instances of lip biting or cuticle picking, as these might mean someone is trying to soothe themselves while under pressure.


Interpreting facial expressions

Emotions can become too much etched on our faces. If there are deep frown lines, they might suggest overthinking or worry. Crow’s feet normally suggest the smiles of joy. Pursed lips may suggest anger, bitterness or contempt. Another technique that might help involves listening to your intuition. This means tuning into someone beyond their body language and words. Intuition deals more with what your gut feels.

At any given time, you should honor your gut feeling. You should listen to what your gut leads you to especially during the first time you are meeting someone. Gut feeling involves visceral reactions that happen to you before you can even get a chance to think. It deals with if you are at ease or not. Gut feeling is a primal response that happens quickly.  Also, pay keen attention to whether you have feelings of goosebumps or not. Goosebumps normally portray the way we feel and resonate with people who move or inspire us.




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