Common Empathy Phrases for Customer Service Reps

To become a successful customer service professional, you will need a ton of skills. You will be advocating for and helping people whenever they are in need of Towing Service Discounts, and you will need to have a tremendous amount of patience and knowledge of products you sell. The purpose of a customer service rep is to help customers solve problems they are facing and help them achieve success.

With that in mind, reps should always strive to relate well with every customer, as each customer is normally faced with unique challenges and problems. Here are some of the most common and useful empathy phrases for customer service reps.

I hear you

While in most cases reps may move on to the next part of their script, it is important to pause conversations to let a customer know they hear them out and understand their feelings. Doing so is a great way to build rapport and show empathy. As a rep, you can ask questions such as – how can I help you, as such can be used for maximum effectiveness. By asking how you can help, you will get a clear picture of customer’s pain points and will help you to craft your strategy.

Thank you for that suggestion

Sometimes, your product or service may fall short of what a specific customer is looking for and hoping to accomplish. In such cases, it is important to acknowledge the feedback you get from a customer. If an alternative solution is not available, you can provide a community or forum they can turn to, to get the help they need. Acknowledging feedback from a customer helps in showing you care and listen to your customers.

I’m sorry to hear about that

As a customer service rep, you do not need to be in the wrong to say you are sorry. Saying you are sorry to hear about something clearly shows you empathize with the pain the customer is feeling and you offer them a chance to vent out their frustrations if they have to. When someone speaks out how they feel, they get a chance to express themselves, and that way, they heal faster.

I appreciate the feedback

While customer service reps need to be mindful of what they say, customers don’t have to. Customers get a chance to speak freely about a product or service and brand as a whole. Rather than contesting with a customer, sometimes it works better to let a customer express how they feel without interrupting them. When a customer is angry at a rep, they are not necessarily taking things personally, they are only angry with a situation facing them.

I understand how ‘x’ is preventing you from achieving ‘y’

When a customer is frustrated with a situation, it is natural for the rep to say they understand. However, doing so doesn’t necessarily acknowledge you fully understand the situation. Rather, it shows you are focused on the emotional response of a customer. Instead, you can show a customer you understand more by expressing your understanding of how a certain problem facing them is preventing them from achieving something else. That way, you will show both your competence and care.

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