Ways to Integrate Social Media into Your Sales Strategy

Platforms that were once used to share landscape maintenance and other beautiful images have now become part of our daily lives, with an average adult spending nearly two and a half hours per day on social media. Social media apps have become an integral part of how modern companies do business. Even if you are not a seasoned social media manager, chances are that you are more social media savvy than you think. Social media marketing teams are an integral part of any sales strategy and can help drive massive sales online.

If you are looking forward to using social media, here are some sure ways you can integrate social media into your sales strategy to drive revenue.

Identify the most used platforms

You need to start your journey by identifying the most used platforms for your ideal customer. You should have a well-thought customer profile of who your ideal customer is and where they like to hang around. This information should be based on your buyer persona. Your ideal customer profile should include information such as how old your buyers are, what are their interests, and what problems they are trying to solve. Understand the platforms they most likely like to hang around, so that you can know where to place your messaging.

Share customer stories

When it comes to purchasing products, buyers will feel more confident knowing you have incorporated their desires and needs into the new product. To have effective marketing, make it a habit to share customer stories. Buyers will always recommend their family and friends if you met their expectations. The best way to incorporate word of mouth approach into your sales strategy is through sharing customer stories that your prospects can relate to. Ensure you regularly share stories of happy customers with your marketing teams to amplify your social media platforms.

Optimize your social media accounts

Your company’s accounts should not be the only touchpoints your customers have while interacting with your brand. Ensure you incorporate your accounts as well as they can serve as an extension to your brand. You need to optimize your social media accounts to support your selling efforts. Some of the best personal platforms you can use include Twitter and LinkedIn.

Prospect on Social Media

Social media presents a powerful tool for prospecting and connecting with your contacts, especially those involved in B2B sales. LinkedIn will allow you to find and build relationships with potential customers that are a perfect fit for your business. If your company sells other services, LinkedIn can be a key tool while prospecting.

Make Use of Data

You must drive your marketing and all other campaigns with the support of data. This means it’s imperative to track all your metrics. You must have data on how many leads come in your social media and how many you can convert. Have data on the percentage of your total sales that come from social media. This information will be very useful in helping you understand how to continue integrating social into your sales strategy.

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