A Simple Guide to Google My Business

Google my Business, commonly abbreviated as GMB is a free tool that lets you manage a business like tow truck oakton va on how it appears on Google Search and Maps. It includes a variety of processes such as adding a business name, location, and hours of operation. You can also monitor and respond to customer reviews, add photos, learn where and how people are searching your business among others. If you are getting started with SEO, then Google My Business should be your first destination. It presents a great place to get things started and be on the right path to full SEO.

Here are some important aspects you need to familiarize yourself with when it comes to Google My Business.

Creating account

The first step to getting started in Google My Business involves creating an account. All you need is to log into Google Account that associates with your business. Enter the business name you want to manage. Enter the address related to the business, including the country, street address, city, and state. You can then fill in the type of tasks you do, such as delivering goods and services to your customers. The option you take will inform the type of location you choose to associate your business on. If you have products you deliver, make a selection on the radius of your delivery area as well.

Verifying your business

The next step of the process is to ensure your business is verified on Google. There are different options for going about it. You can do so by postcard, by phone, email, instant verification as well as bulk verification.  If you are already logged into Google My Business, sign in and choose the business you want to verify. Ensure your business address is correct. Go ahead and add a contact name on who the postcard will be addressed to. Click on mail and the postcard will be able to reach you within 5 business days. Once you have gotten the postcard, you will need to log into Google My Business and select the location you want to verify. In the code field, enter the five-digit verification code on your postcard.

Optimizing your GMB Listing

Once you have verified your business, it time to finish fleshing out your profile. Go to Google My Business dashboard and click on the listing you would like to work on. Select the info section and choose the appropriate section to fill or update. Add as much information as possible, including media, business profile, the areas you serve, your hours of operation, and other attributes.


Google My Business is also available in App. With the app, there are a couple of things you can achieve. You can update your business hours, location, contact information as well as descriptions. Additionally, you can post statuses and pictures, view search insights among others. With the app, you can also delete your business listing, change its setting, give ownership of the listing to another user, among others.

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